Best tips for buying condo

Best tips for buying condo

The condo is a short form for condominiums. The most common definition of a condominium is one unit in a multi-unit real estate. Also, it’s a building or community which resembles an apartment. Additionally, it could comprise public spaces, pet-friendly areas, fitness centers, pools, playgrounds and parks, just to mention just a few. In this article, we are going to share some suggestions that could aid you in purchasing a condominium. Read on to find out more.

1. Think about your lifestyle

If you’re not one mow your lawn, condo living might be an ideal choice for you. If you are unable to be able to afford $5000 for the HVAC unit, you might consider this option. However it is if you enjoy a large backyard, you may opt for the other kind of property for example, townhouses.

In the same way, should you not want to share your floors, ceilings, and walls in your home with your neighbor, a condo might not be the right option for you.

2. Get a professional Realtor

Be sure to find an experienced real estate agent should you decide to buy a condo. It is recommended that you find someone who enjoys a good track record and plenty of experience in the field. They will guide you through the process.

The agent who is selling your house may have a great idea about the trends in your local area, as well as the issues they may have.

ATLASSIA A nostalgic character in the heart of the Rich, old world charm of Heritage Joo Chiat estate.


▪️Brief Summary

• District 15

• Excellent Connectivity – within 15 mins leisure stroll to almost everything you need

• 1min walk to bus stop > 5 bus stops to Dakota MRT

• Short drive to East Coast Park, Marina Bay, etc.


▪️Project Brief Info.

• Mixed Development

• 5-Storey

• 31 Residential Units (1BR to 5BR)

• 6 Shops (732-1022 Sqft)

• 2 Restaurants (1054-1474sqft)

3. Decide on the Type of Amenities

Condos could offer a range of amenities. If you have a good real estate agent, make sure to find out about the kinds of amenities offered that are available in your local area. Also, take into consideration the other aspects that matter, including your budget, and geographical location. This will help you find the ideal location.

Do not forget to remove the things you don’t wish to have, like an outdoor pool. These amenities are still worth it as they’ll add to the curb appeal of the property.

4. Look for an FHA-Approved Condo

The process of getting a loan for the condominium can be more difficult than other kinds of property. The reason is that the construction of your condo will be subject to scrutiny, which includes your personal finances.

If you visit the website of the FHA, you may find the list of condos that have been approved by the FHA. Therefore, we suggest you get help from an expert mortgage broker.

5. Find out About the Maintenance Aspect

It’s important that you know to find out who is responsible for the maintenance of the condo. It’s a fact that you don’t want to be having a house that’s not properly maintained. In addition, poor management may have a negative impact in the worth of the home.

It is therefore sensible to find out who is in charge of the upkeep on your home.

6. Consider the Association Fees

Apart from the mortgage, make sure you consider the fees for condo association also. If you review the fees you will understand what it covers. Typically, the services include the cleaning of the common spaces, grass maintenance, and snow removal, just to mention a few.

It’s a good idea to learn the rules of the neighborhood. There may be some limitations on noise levels. If you understand these regulations beforehand, it will assist you in determining whether you are in the right one for you.

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